Delicious Deals & Tasty Treats

Dining & Snack Areas

With various refreshment stands and snack carts, plus the historic, relaxing Parkside Café, Kennywood offers more kid-friendly places to eat in Pennsylvania than anywhere else. Plus, Kennywood is proud to be one of the few amusement parks still permitting guests to bring a cooler or picnic basket and create their own family-friendly in-park dining experience!

All Summer Dining Pass

All Summer Dining Pass

The All Summer Dining Pass permits a 2020 Season Passholder to redeem their Season Pass card at participating locations throughout the park for two combo meals every visit! Enjoy one lunch and one dinner, plus popcorn or cotton candy each visit during the 2020 summer season.

Just a four-hour interval between meals. The All Summer Dining Pass is valid any regular operating day during the 2020 summer season. Limit two meals per visit; drinks not included. Guests must stop at the Season Pass Processing Center at the main entrance to activate their All Summer Dining Pass before it can be used. The All Summer Dining Pass does not include admission to the park and expires September 20, 2020. All Summer Dining Passes are no longer being sold for the 2020 Summer Season.



End Zone Cafe

At the End Zone Cafe fans can dig into a variety of delicious game day related fare. Or, for a true fanatic experience, take the celebration outside! The Tailgate Patio recreates all the pregame excitement with a playful twist on traditional tailgate picnics.

Location: Steelers Country

Auntie Anne’s

Rise Up, Freshen Up, Auntie Up your snacking standards. Stop by for a freshly-made, hand-rolled pretzel, plus a lemonade with your favorite flavor added in!

Location: Next to Pirate and Volcano.

The Potato Patch®

Our signature fresh-cut fries made from quality Idaho potatoes have made The Potato Patch one of the most iconic food offerings at any theme park. Topping choices include cheddar cheese, bacon, vinegar, brown gravy and a variety of seasoning salts.

Location: Kennyville, next to Thunderbolt.


Whether it’s an Italian Ice, Gelati or Misto Shake you are sure to cool off while enjoying one of these summer time favorites.

Location: Lost Kennywood and next to Steelers Country entrance.

Small Fry

Little brother to The Potato Patch®, Small Fry ups the ante by offering chicken tender combo meals in addition to Kennywood’s signature Potato Patch® fries, along with cold drinks. This stand is also 100% gluten-free!

Location: Lost Kennywood.

New for 2017! Small Fry will be entirely gluten-free. Enjoy Gluten-Free Chicken Strips (with or without buffalo sauce) along with our world-famous Potato Patch® Fries!


Grab churros, nachos, burritos, and walking tacos, plus cold drinks from Pedro, who now operates in his third location in Kennywood, this time out of a building styled after a Merry Go Round!

Location: Lost Kennywood, next to Black Widow.

Star Refreshment Stand

This retro-style venue offers delicious funnel cakes and deep-friend Oreos.

Location: Near Steelers Country entrance.

Midway Refreshment Stand

This classic stand is well known for serving Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, corn dogs, hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels and cold drinks

Location: Across from Jack Rabbit.

Parkside Café

Enjoy fresh, quick service meals; including pastas, sandwiches, chicken, salads and more. Parkside Café has served Kennywood guests since 1898, is centrally-located, and includes an air-conditioned dining room and an outdoor patio.

Location: Center of park, near Merry Go Round.

Pizza Warehouse

Pizza Warehouse is your home for freshly-baked pizza (whole or by the slice), plus subs, fresh salads and cold beverages.

Location: Next to Kiddieland & Kenny Fountain.

Golden Nugget

One of Kennywood’s most recognizable stands, Golden Nugget has had a simple menu for generations: a premium vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate, then covered with your choice of sprinkles or crushed peanuts (or both!) and topped with a cherry. So good!

Location: Next to Kiddieland Entrance.

Johnny Rockets

Open for Takeout
Serving those timeless diner classics in good ol’ American style. Don’t forget to grab a Johnny Rockets original shake on your way out!

Location: Next to Merry Go Round.


This double-sided stand serves lunch & dinner choices: hot sausage & chicken tenders on one hand, & delectable desserts like soft-serve ice cream, Dole Whips & hot fudge peanut parfaits on the other! All out of one of the most striking buildings in Kennywood!

Location: Next to Parkside Café & Garden Stage.

Wafels and Dinges

One of New York City’s most popular food trucks has set up shop in Kennywood! Enjoy these authentic Belgian waffles, and don’t forget about the mouth-watering dinges (that’s Belgian for things) to top ‘em off!

Location: Across from Noah’s Ark.

Lemonade Stand

Relax and enjoy refreshing, fresh-squeezed lemonade or a cold bottled drink while being entertained by a fun, live show on the nearby Kennyville Stage.

Location: Kennyville, behind Ghostwood Estate.

Mix It Up

Cool off on a hot day with your customized slushy, where you get to combine as many as six different flavors.

Location: Behind Noah’s Ark.

Cotton Candy Wagons

Cotton candy: it’s an amusement park tradition! Whether it’s a pick-me-up in the midst of a fun summer outing, or a treat for the ride home, freshly-prepared cotton candy can be found at several locations throughout Kennywood

Location: Across from Garfield’s Nightmare and Across from Golden Nugget.

Bean Sprouts

Bean Sprouts offers hip and health-conscious food that is still kid-friendly! Plus, espressos, mochas and lattes for parents in need of a pick-me-up!

Location: Kiddieland.

Slush Refill

Need to top off your slushy when you aren’t near the Slush Factory? This stand near the Aero 360 has you covered!

Location: Next to Aero 360.

Kandy Kaleidoscope

No matter your age, you’ll turn into a kid in a candy store here! Grab a block (or six) of our famous homemade fudge, some candy apples, cold bottled drinks, and more!

Location: Tunnel Exit, across from Sky Rocket.

Dippin’ Dots

The “Ice Cream of the Future” continues to be a mainstay at Kennywood! Several Dippin’ Dots carts can be found throughout the park.

Location: Sky Rocket, Lagoon (near Jack Rabbit), Noah’s Ark, Pittsburg Plunge.


Serving corn dogs and funnel cakes since the Great Depression, Lucky is a great example of Art Deco architecture adding color to Kennywood’s landscape

Location: Kennyville, next to Potato Patch® and Turtle.


Featuring irresistibly delicious, hand-stretched Canadian fried dough made to order. With seemingly endless flavor combinations, we promise an experience you’ll never forget!

Location: At the Lagoon, next to the Paddle Boats