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Fun Things to Do While Waiting in Line

Fun Things To Do In Line at Kennywood

As a society, we're an impatient people. Countless inventions, enhancements and developments in recent years are aimed at improving efficiency and getting people "what they want, when they want it." After all, as the famous saying goes, time is money.

So given all this, we think it's safe to say that people do not enjoy waiting in long lines. Trust us, we know from experience! And while we work tirelessly to keep our lines chugging along smoothly and speedily, waiting is an inevitable experience at any amusement park, or anywhere else where a good or service is in demand (like, say, the DMV! Of course, we are much more worth the wait.).

To help better handle the hold times, we've put together this list of fun things to do while waiting in line. Did you ever think there are a number of fun games to play while you wait? It's true, there are! Read on.

Get Physical

Whether you're in line for the Racer, or racing to finish your Christmas shopping, you can satify you competitive desires with numerous fun games to play while waiting. Keep it simple with Rock-Paper-Scissors, test your speed and hand-eye coordination with Hot Hands (you may know this game better by names such as Slaps, Slap Jack or Red Hands) or dare for a duel of dexterity with thumb wrestling!

Test Your Mind

If getting physical isn't your style, try these fun games while waiting. Charades is a classic and can be played in any situation. Check out the Heads Up app to bring charades into the iPhone age. "I Spy" is another classic and works well in any setting. Still more games to play while standing in line are the Alphabet Game, where you pick a category and rattle off people/places/things starting with A going through the entire alphabet, the Geography Game, in which you name a place, then the next person must name a place that starts with the last letter in the previous location (i.e., Pittsburgh-->Hungary-->York) or Two Truths and a Lie, where a person states three things about themselves, and the other players must guess which of the three is not true.


A fringe benefit to these games to play in line is that you might attract the interest of your fellow line-waiters, and they may even join in! And we think that's great--anything that gets people engaging with their fellow citizens in a positive manner is all right by us! So don't be shy to try starting a conversation with the folks you're waiting with. While some won't want to be bothered, many others will be thankful you reached out to talk to them!

Test Your Pipes

Some fun things to do while waiting in line might earn you points from the other folks waiting with you. Beyond the aforementioned socializing, you might choose to belt out a few tunes with your pals. Great music always helps to pass the time (though, if you have a singing voice that only a mother could love, you may want to skip this suggestion). You can also turn music into a game by whistling a tune for your friends to guess, or only singing one lyric or stanza of a song.

Well, there you go: our list of fun things to do while waiting in line. Fortunately, when you're at Pittsburgh's best amusement park, you won't have much opportunity to test these out, as our lines move efficiently and effectively towards getting you to your ultimate (in more ways than one) destination: our rides, which are among the most fun things to do in Pittsburgh! Of course, there is one surefire way to avoid the pains of waiting in line: get as much done as you can online, such as buying your Kennywood tickets and season passes!

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