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Family-Friendly Fun & Exciting Things to Do

Kennywood, America’s Favorite Traditional Amusement Park since 1898 continues to delight each and every guest with its 31 major rides! Of the many fun things to do in Pennsylvania with kids, nothing can compare to a day of rides, laughs, and excellent food and drinks at Kennywood. Kennywood is also home to some of the best fun events and attractions near Pittsburgh, PA.

Coming Summer 2018, Thomas Town™ at Kennywood!
Thomas the Tank Engine™ and his friends are making tracks to Kennywood, creating the second-largest Thomas & Friends™ attraction in North America! Featuring five new rides and a whole lot of fun, Thomas Town will revitalize the Olde Kennywood Railroad and surrounding area, making a great addition in celebration of Kennywood’s 120th Anniversary.
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Aero 360

With legs dangling, riders swing back and forth attached to a familiar yellow symbol—the Kennywood Arrow! The arrows swing higher and higher with each pendulum motion, culminating in a 360 degree over-the-top experience. Ride more than once because choosing a different seat results in a different experience.

Riders must be at least 48" tall to ride.

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Black Widow

Black Widow guests will experience a one of a kind perspective of Lost Kennywood! Black Widow stands 90 feet tall but will reach a height of 146 feet in full swing.
A total of 40 Riders will form a giant
circle and experience the feeling of weightlessness coveted by thrill seekers.

Riders must be at least 52" tall to ride.

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Jack Rabbit

The Jack Rabbit has been a Kennywood favorite for young and old since 1921. Designed and built by John Miller on a natural ravine, the Jack Rabbit is best known for its 70-foot, double-dip drop.

Riders must be at least 42 inches tall to ride. Riders between 42” and 48” must ride with a responsible person.

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Musik Express

The Musik Express is a fast-paced circular ride traveling a track with numerous peaks and valleys. As the name suggests, loud music plays and lights flash wildly throughout the ride.

Riders must be at least 50 inches tall to ride.

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Phantom’s Revenge

Phantom's Revenge is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world. Unlike most coasters, the biggest drop on this ride is not the first but the second--a whopping 230 feet, reaching speeds of 85 mph. The Phantom's Revenge travels over and under the Thunderbolt with plenty of banked curves and lots of airtime.

Riders must be at least 48" tall to ride.

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The Pirate swings back and forth until it reaches a height of 60 feet at a 75-degree angle, giving riders a feeling of weightlessness.

Riders must be 39 inches tall to ride. Rider between 39” and 48” must ride with a responsible person.

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Pittsburg* Plunge

An impressive shoot-the-chute ride: the Pittsburg Plunge! A gigantic splash soaks the 20-passenger and onlookers as the boat plunges down a 50-foot drop.

*From 1890 - 1911 Pittsburgh was spelled without the 'h'. 'Pittsburg Plunge' carries the spelling of the era.

Riders must be at least 36" tall to ride. Riders between 36" and 46" must ride with a responsible person.


This beautiful John Miller classic is the only single track, racing coaster in the United States. It is designed with a reverse curve so riders begin on the right and finish on the left. Thus, from the lift hill on, the tracks remain side-by-side rather than separating in the middle of the ride allowing riders to experience the race throughout.

Riders must be at least 46" tall to ride.

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Raging Rapids

You will get wet on Raging Rapids! Built on a natural, downward sloping hillside, the Raging Rapids simulates a white water raft trip.

Riders must be at least 42 inches tall to ride. Riders between 42” and 48” must ride with a responsible person.

Sky Rocket

A seriously twisted ride experience! Go from zero to 50 mph in under 3 seconds, then take a full-throttle, 95-foot vertical climb and plummet 90 degrees straight down! And NEW: Experience a new dimension of
Sky Rocket with our on-ride Virtual Reality (VR) Experience!

Riders must be at least 52 inches tall to ride. Riders between 52” and 55” must ride with a responsible person.

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The Skycoaster® is not really a ride, it is a flight. One, two or three flyers are suited in a nylon harness and then attached to a cable that pulls them, Superman-style, to the top of the launch tower. From 180 feet above ground, riders release themselves with a parachute like ripcord...then free-fall at approximately 75 mph!

Riders must be at least 42" tall to ride. Additional fee required.

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Swing Shot

The SwingShot is an exciting and wild swing ride unlike any other! SwingShot offers each rider a front seat! The structure is over 60 feet tall, and its two arms swing to a height of 90 feet. Tremendous acceleration produces the exhilarating experience of weightlessness as riders catapult towards the sky, and then plummet towards the earth at speeds in excess of 50 mph.

Riders must be at least 48" tall to ride.

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The Bayern Kurve

The Bayern Kurve returned to Kennywood in 2009 after a three-year absence. It's a high speed, circular ride. Guests sit in cars that simulate bobsleds and travel clockwise around a banked track. When the car travels across the highest point, guests are at a 45-degree angle to the ground. The Bayern Kurve was a popular ride at Kennywood in the 1970's, 80's, and 90's and remains so today

Riders must be 46" tall to ride.

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The Cosmic Chaos

Riders board an unidentified flying object and face outwards for a 360 degree view of their surroundings. While traveling in a circle, the ride reaches heights of 50 feet and traverses a U-shaped track.

Riders must be 48" tall to ride.

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The Exterminator

Dark Ride or Roller Coaster? It's both! The Exterminator is a high-speed roller coaster in the dark! But that's not the only twist. The individual cars spin as they travel the twisting, turning track.

Riders must be at least 46 inches tall to ride. Riders between 46” and 59” must ride with a responsible person.

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Dubbed the Ultimate Roller Coaster and King of Coasters by the New York Times in 1974, it's unique in many ways, including an amazing plunge immediately upon leaving the station, and its biggest drop at the end of the ride. The Thunderbolt reaches speeds in excess of 50 mph.

Riders must be at least 52" tall to ride.

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Pittsburgh's Best Family-Friendly Fun

Kennywood is one of the oldest and most beloved amusement parks in America. Founded in 1898, Kennywood has thrilled and delighted both young and young-at-heart visitors for more than 110 years. Kennywood is America’s Finest Traditional Amusement Park! The Pittsburgh-area park offers a unique mix of classic rides and modern thrills, including six roller coasters, a 14-ride Kiddieland, and several attractions that cannot be found anywhere else. Kennywood, founded in 1898, continues to provide unforgettable fun for all ages.

Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides

Combining the best of the old with the best of the new, Kennywood offers the most thrilling and memorable things to do near Pittsburgh. Experience Kennywood’s state-of-the-art coasters and Pennsylvania attractions, including Phantom’s Revenge, Black Widow, Jack Rabbit, and Sky Rocket.

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Thomas Town™ at Kennywood

Thomas & Friends™ are making tracks to Kennywood! Arriving Summer 2018, Thomas Town will feature five new rides, live shows, interactive play areas and more, adding up to a whole lot of fun!

Water Rides

Cool off with a Pittsburgh family attraction water rides! Take the daring splash down Pittsburg Plunge, or go on a white water rafting trip on Raging Rapids.

Classic & Dark Rides

A Kennywood trip wouldn’t be the same without experiencing its traditional Classic Rides. Auto Race is a one-of-a-kind ride for children who are outgrowing Kiddieland, and Noah’s Ark is one of the only remaining walk-through rides of this type in the world today. This iconic Kennywood attraction has been thrilling guests since 1936.. And you can’t forget about the Ghostwood Estate, Turtle, Wave Swinger, and much more.

Kids & Children's Rides

With Kidde Rides for every age and adventure level, kids are sure to have an unforgettable day. For a more gentle experience, ride on a genuine trolley replica as you take off, into the air in a gentle circular pattern. For the more adventurous, meet the cousin of Phanton's Revenge and take a ride on Lil' Phantom, the wildest coaster for the young dare devils.


When you need a break from the rides, check out one of the awesome shows playing on Kennywood’s stages! From great music of all genres to enjoying a modern twist on a classic fairy tale, Kennywood’s shows have something for everyone! See the weekly show schedule here. Please note: shows and schedule subject to change.

Tickets & Season Passes

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