Minimum Height 48"
Thrill Level  5 
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The MVP of Roller Coasters

Kennywood and the Pittsburgh Steelers are proud to introduce The Steel Curtain! At a maximum height of 220 feet, the colossal steel structure of the coaster will serve as a landmark addition to the park and a high-energy entry point welcoming guests to Steelers Country.

During the two-minute adrenaline rush, riders will speed through 4,000 feet of track at 75 miles per hour while navigating 9 inversions – including the world’s tallest at 197 feet above the ground!

Designed by S&S Sansei Technologies, The Steel Curtain will set three new records: a Pennsylvania state record (tallest roller coaster), a North American record (most inversions), and a world record (tallest inversion).

Take a Virtual Ride on Our Newest Thrill

Steel Curtain Birds Eye View

Coaster Stats

Height: 220 feet - tallest roller coaster in PA
Speed: 76 mph
Inversions: 9 - most in North America
Tallest Inversion: 197 feet - tallest in the world
Lift Angle: 50 degrees
Length: 4,000 feet
Duration: 2 minutes
Passengers: 24