Here We Go to Steelers Country!

Kennywood Park and the Pittsburgh Steelers have teamed up to for a historic collaboration. Coming to Kennywood in 2019, Steelers Country is a one-of-a-kind themed land that celebrates the hard-hitting heroics of the players, but with a unique twist. The park experience turns its attention to the fans, putting them at the center of the action! Exclusive merchandise, skill games, and food locations - including a unique tailgating experience - create the feeling of being at the stadium. The new Steelers Country will be anchored by the record-breaking roller coaster, The Steel Curtain. With Steelers Country, Kennywood and the Steelers are honoring the greatness of the past and looking toward the future of the park, the team, the fans, and the city of Pittsburgh.

Throughout Steelers Country, fans will join in on familiar game moments: bursting through the area’s entry tunnel, seeing how they measure up in practice drills, perfecting their touchdown dances, and checking scores and highlights on a giant video screen.

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Introducing The Steel Curtain

The Undisputed Champion of Roller Coasters

The Steel Curtain

Kennywood and the Pittsburgh Steelers are proud to introduce The Steel Curtain! At a maximum height of 220 feet, the colossal steel structure of the coaster will serve as a landmark addition to the park and a high-energy entry point welcoming guests to Steelers Country.

During the two-minute adrenaline rush, riders will speed through 4,000 feet of track at 75 miles per hour while navigating 9 inversions – including the world’s tallest at 197 feet above the ground!

Designed by S&S Sansei Technologies, The Steel Curtain will set three new records: a Pennsylvania state record (tallest roller coaster), a North American record (most inversions), and a world record (tallest inversion).

Coaster Stats

Records Set: 3
Height: 220 feet - tallest roller coaster in PA
Speed: 76 mph
Inversions: 9 - most in North America
Tallest Inversion: 197 feet - tallest in the world
Lift Angle: 50 degrees
Length: 4,000 feet
Duration: 2 minutes
Passengers: 24

The Steel Curtain Logo

Become Part of the Game Day Action

End Zone Cafe & Tailgate Patio

Break! Take a break from all the action and enjoy Steelers Country’s own indoor restaurant. At the End Zone Cafe fans can dig into a variety of delicious game day related fare. Or, for a true fanatic experience, take the celebration outside! The Tailgate Patio recreates all the pregame excitement with a playful twist on traditional tailgate picnics, complete with visual references to the stadium site.

The Steelers Experience

The Steelers Experience is a one-of-a-kind indoor, multi-level training facility that puts you on the field and in the center of the action! Interactive exhibits like the cooperative Terrible Tower and competitive 2-Minute Drill will get your team game day ready! Track your progress and see how you stack up against others with an interactive leader board.

Midway Games

1, 2, 3… GO! This is your opportunity to try your hand (or foot) at a number of challenging games. Testing strength and endurance, these Midway Games are as much fun to watch as they are to play!