Sky Rocket

Feel the surge of a launch that takes you from zero to 50 in under 3 seconds! Sky Rocket provides an upside down, downside up, sky-flying adventure you won’t soon forget.

Sky Rocket Virtual Reality (VR) Experience

Launch into a whole new virtual world on the Sky Rocket VR Experience! Using Samsung Oculus Gear virtual reality technology, Sky Rocket riders can enter a futuristic world for a race against their fellow riders. Every inch of the thrilling roller coaster is synced to the virtual experience, creating out-of-this-world fun! The Sky Rocket VR Experience is an optional add-on to Kennywood’s Sky Rocket roller coaster. Passes can be purchased for $5 per guest per ride at the VIP Coaster Tours booth, located across from the Sky Rocket queue line entrance.

Minimum Height 52"
Thrill Level  4 
VIP Tours
Riders must be at least 52" tall to ride. Riders between 52” and 55” must ride with a responsible person.

Ride Facts

Construction Information

Coaster Designer/Manufacturer: Premier Rides
Original Year Erected - 2010
Classification: Steel
General Description/Category – Launch Coaster

Dimensional Statistics

Tallest Vertical Height - 95 feet
Maximum Drop - 70 feet
Maximum Speed - 50 mphBR> Linear Length of Track - 2,100 feet
Ride Duration - 1 minute, 5 seconds
Number of Inversions: 3
Launch Time: 0-50 mph in 1.8 sec.
Height Requirement: 52 inches

Train Information

Train Manufacturer – Premier Rides
Number of Trains - 2
Number of Cars per Train - 2
Number of Seats per Car – 6