Season Pass FAQs

You can either purchase a Season Pass online (visit our Season Passes page for a breakdown of our various Season Pass options) or you can purchase it at Kennywood on any operating day at the Season Pass Processing Center.
Upon the purchase of a Season Pass online, you will receive a confirmation voucher email with your order information. To process your order and receive your Season Pass ID Card, you will need to come to Kennywood on an operating day with your confirmation voucher. Season Passholders must be present in person to take a photo for their Season Pass ID card. Friends/family cannot get a pass processed on behalf of another person. We can scan vouchers off a smart phone or tablet, or you may print the voucher off and bring it to the park.
We love a good surprise! When you purchase Season Passes online you are required to enter an email address, but this is solely for you to receive your confirmation email at the end of your purchase. The email address(es) listed for the Passholder(s) will not be added to our email database until after they process and activate the pass(es) at Kennywood.
Passes purchased on a payment plan can be processed and used after the first payment is made, unless a Passholder is behind on payments. Season Passes must be up to date on payments or paid in full to be used. Visit the Kennywood Payment Portal to update your payment information or check on payment status.
Yes! Please take your admission receipt/ticket stub to the Season Pass Processing Center for more information. The upgrading of an admission ticket to a Season Pass must be done on the day the admission is used.
On your first visit to the park, please take your Season Pass Voucher to the Season Pass Processing Center located to the left of the cashier booths before you enter the park. The Season Pass Processing Center is only open on operating days or specially announced Pre-Season Processing Days (visit our Events page for a list of these dates). Season Passholders must be present in person to take a photo for their Season Pass ID card. Friends/family cannot get a pass processed on behalf of another person.

Please note: lines at the Processing Center can be quite long on certain days, such as the first several operating dates of the season. In the event wait times are very long, you may use your confirmation voucher for admission to the park, and then return to the Processing Center on the way out of Kennywood to get passes processed. Passes can no longer be processed at the Service Center inside Kennywood. Guests can only use the confirmation voucher for admission once before it is no longer valid for this purpose.
If you can look the email up on your smart phone or tablet, we can scan it at the Processing Center. If you cannot locate your voucher at all, please take your photo ID to Season Pass Processing located to the left of the cashier booths before you enter the park. A Season Pass team member will then look up your information using your ID, confirm your identity, and then process your pass.
For a comprehensive list of perks for each Season Pass offered by Kennywood, please visit the Passholder Perks page. This page is also updated regularly with a list of Bring a Friend Days, discounts and other offers for Season Passholders.
Depending on your pass and the perks associated with it, your Kennywood perks will either be given to you via vouchers or the perks will be added onto your Season Pass card upon activation to be redeemed when you are ready to use that perk.
No, you must process your Platinum Season Pass at the park you purchased it through.
All Passholders receive access to a number of great special events throughout the summer season.

Season Passes are not valid for the following event(s):
Pittsburgh Pierogi Festival
Bronze, Silver, and Gold Season Passes are only valid for admission to Kennywood. The Platinum Season Pass includes admission to all Palace Entertainment parks, including Kennywood, Sandcastle, and Idlewild & SoakZone.
Bring a Friend Days are pre-determined days on the Kennywood calendar when a qualifying Passholder is able to bring a friend for a discounted admission. The dates and prices of our Bring a Friend Days can be found on the Passholder Perks page.
Lost or stolen Season Passes can be reprinted at Season Pass Processing for a fee of $15.00. Temporarily misplaced or forgot your Season Pass? No problem! Each season Passholder is given a one-time complimentary admission if they forget their Season Pass. In order to receive this admission, please go to the Customer Service Office at the Kennywood Front Gate so they can verify your status.
When you process your Season Pass, please be sure to give the team member the email address you check most often. If you purchased your pass online or someone purchased the pass for you as a gift, when you process your pass be sure to check the email address that is associated with your pass to make sure it is one you use.
First, make sure the emails are not going into your spam or junk folders. Second, adjust your email settings to allow emails from If you are still not receiving emails after taking these steps contact us at 412.461.0500 and ask to talk to the Season Pass Department. Please note, Season Passes can be very busy so if you get a voicemail, just leave your name and the email address that should be associated with your pass and they can make the correction. You can also email the park via the Contact Us page for assistance.
New 2022 Season Passes (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) can be upgraded to higher tier at the Season Pass Processing Center.
Season Passes are non-transferable. The only person that is able to use a Season Pass is the person whose name is on the pass. Abuse of a Season Pass may result in suspension or revocation of the Season Pass.
Yes. If you are found in violation of any park policies/procedures then your Season Pass may be suspended or revoked and you may be barred from the park at the discretion of the park’s management.
There are no refunds/credits on Season Passes once a pass is processed.

Please note: Starting with the 2021 Season, Guests age 17 and younger must be accompanied by an adult chaperone beginning at 4 p.m. daily. Learn more about our adult chaperone policy.