Phantom Fall Fest tickets are only $29.99 on select dates when you buy now!

Due to inclement weather and rainfall expected throughout the day, Kennywood will be closed today, Saturday, Oct. 1. The park will open for Phantom Fall Fest at 12:00 p.m. tomorrow, Sunday, Oct. 2. Tickets dated for today can be used any other Phantom Fall Fest date. 

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PARQUES REUNIDOS SERVICIOS CENTRALES, S.A. (hereinafter, "PARQUES REUNIDOS") with registered office in Madrid, Federico Mompou, 5, Parque Empresarial "Las Tablas", Edificio 1 - Planta 3ª, 28050, N.I.F. A-84.885.441 and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in Volume 23.506, Folio 58, Page M-421.702, is the owner of the domain , as well as of the portal and its contents (hereinafter, the "Portal"). 

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Notwithstanding the foregoing, the contracting of the various products and services offered through this Portal will be carried out by MADRID THEME PARK MANAGEMENT, S.L.U., a company of GRUPO PARQUES REUNIDOS which operates through the Portal and is the owner of the management of Parque Warner Madrid and, therefore, responsible for the sale and / or management of all products and / or services related to Parque Warner Madrid. The identification data of MADRID THEME PARK MANAGEMENT, S.L.U. are the following: 

Madrid Theme Park Management, S.L.U., with registered office in Madrid, Federico Mompou, 5, Parque Empresarial "Las Tablas", Edificio 1 - Planta 3ª, 28050, Madrid and C.I.F. B-83331041. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Volume 17720, Folio 104, Page M-305298, 1st Inscription. 

Customer Service: 912 000 792. The cost of the call does not exceed the basic interprovincial rate. 

You may also contact Customer Service at the following email address: 


These General Conditions of Use of the Portal, together with the General Contracting Conditions that, if applicable, govern the provision of online purchase services or any other General Conditions that govern any type of tool, product or service made available to the Users on the Portal, are intended to regulate both the provision of information and the commercial relations that arise between PARQUES REUNIDOS and the Users of the Portal. 

PARQUES REUNIDOS may, at any time and without prior notice, modify the General Conditions of Use, as well as the General Contracting Conditions or other Conditions governing any type of tool made available to the Users on the Portal, by publishing said modifications on the Portal so that they may be known by the Users, always before visiting the Portal or acquiring any goods, services or the use of tools or applications offered on the Portal. In such case, the modifications will come into force as soon as they are published and will be applicable to all the Users of the Portal as of that date. 

The simple navigation through the Portal is free of charge, except for the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network supplied by the access provider contracted by the User, and does not require prior registration of the User on the Website. 

However, the access, contracting or use of some products or services may require the User to register beforehand. In such case, each of these products and services shall be governed by its own General Terms and Conditions of Contract, without prejudice to the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Portal provided herein. 

PARQUES REUNIDOS may include in the Portal third party contents and links to third party web pages, always with the authorization of their owners, such as to social networks and other information. In none of these cases shall PARQUES REUNIDOS be responsible for the pages and contents of third parties, as well as for the operation, conditions and availability of the same. 


GRUPO PARQUES REUNIDOS currently comprises the following companies, mainly engaged in the management of leisure parks:

In Spain:

Parques Reunidos Servicios Centrales S.A., Piolin Bidco S.A., Leisure Parks, S.A., Parque de Atracciones Madrid, S.A.U., Gestión Parques de Animales Madrid S.L.U., Parques de la Naturaleza Selwo S.L., Zoos Ibéricos, S.A., Parque de Atracciones San Fernando de Henares, S.L.U., Aquopolis Cartaya, S.L.U, Madrid Theme Park Management, S.L.U., Travelparks Viajes, S.L.U., Mall Entertainment Centre Murcia, S.L.U., Mall Entertainment Centre Temático Arroyomolinos, S.L.U., Mall Entertainment Centre Acuario Arroyomolinos, S.L.U., Parque Biológico de Madrid S.A.U., Indoor Entertainment Centre Príncipe Pío, S.L.U., Parques Reunidos Atlántica, S.L.U. and Parques Reunidos Valencia, S.A.U. "in liquidation".

All Spanish companies have their registered offices at Federico Mompou, 5, Parque Empresarial "Las Tablas", Edificio 1 - Planta 3ª, 28050, Madrid, with the exception of Zoos Ibéricos S.A., whose registered office is Recinto Zoo-Aquarium, Casa de Campo, 28011, Madrid, and Parque de Atracciones Madrid S.A.U., whose registered office is Recinto Parque de Atracciones Casa de Campo s/n, 28011, Madrid.

In the rest of the European Union / European Economic Area:

Bobbejaanland B.V.B.A. (Belgium); Parco Della Standiana S.R.L., Travelmix S.R.L., Centaur Holding Italy S.R.L., and Travelparks Italia S.R.L. (Italy); Movie Park Germany GMBH, Centaur Holding Germany GMBH, Movie Park Services GMBH, Event Park GMBH, Nature Park GMBH, Tropical Island Holding GMBH, Tropical Island Management GMBH, Tropical Island Asset Management GMBH, TI Hotel Asset GMBH, IT Property GMBH and TI Hospitality (Germany); Bon-Bon Land A/S, Bonbon-Land Rejser Denmark and Centaur Holding Denmark A/S (Denmark); TusenFryd A/S, BoSommarland A/S and Parkferie A/S (Norway); Marineland SAS, LB Investissement S.A., Delphinus SAS, Marineland Resort SAS, Centaur Holding France 1 SAS, Centaur Holding France 2 SAS and SCI ColVert (France); Grant Leisure Group, Ltd., Real Live Leisure Company, Ltd. and Lakeside Mall Entertainment Centre, Ltd. (United Kingdom); Pleasantville BV, Attractie-en Vakantiepark Slagharen BV, Slagharen Crew BV, Centaur Nederland 2 BV and Centaur Nederland 3 BV (Netherlands).

These European Union/European Economic Area companies have the following domiciles:

Bobbejaanland B.V.B.A., at Olensteenweg 45, 2460 Kasterlee, Lichtaart (Belgium); Parco Della Standiana, S.R.L., Travelmix, S.R.L., Centaur Holding Italy S.R.L. and Travelparks Italia S.R.L., at S.S. 16 Adriatica, Km 162, 48125 Savio (RA) (Italy); Movie Park Germany GMBH, Centaur Holding Germany GMBH, Movie Park Services GMBH, and Nature Park GMBH at Warner Allee 1, 46244 Bottrop-Kirchhellen (Germany), Event Park GMBH at Zur Weißen Mark 1, 04249 Leipzig, (Germany), Tropical Island Holding GMBH, Tropical Island Management GMBH, Tropical Island Asset Management GMBH, TI Hotel Asset GMBH, IT Property GMBH and TI Hospitality, all at Tropical-Islands-Allee 1, 15910, Krausnick (Germany); Centaur Holding Denmark A/S, Bon-Bon Land A/S, Bonbon-Land Rejser Denmark, at Gartnervej 2, Holme - Olsttrup, 4684, Holmegaard (Denmark); Tusenfryd AS and Parkferie A/S, at Fryds vei 25, 1407 Vinterbro, (Norway), BoSommarland A/S, at Steintjonnveien 2, 3804 Bo i Telemark (Norway); Marineland SAS, Delphinus SAS, Marineland Resort SAS, Centaur Holding France 1 SAS, Centaur Holding France 2 SAS and SCI ColVert, at 2 Route de la Brague Lotissement du Domaine de la Brague 06600 Antibes (France) and LB Investesissement, S.A., at Blvd. De la Mer, 62520 Le Touquet Paris-Plage (France); Grant Leisure Group, Ltd, at East Park Drive Blackpool Lancashire FY3 8PP (United Kingdom), Real Live Leisure Company, Ltd. and Lakeside Mall Entertainment Centre, Ltd. at Oceanarium, Pier Approach, Bournemouth, BH2 5AA (United Kingdom); Pleasantville BV, Attractie-en Vakantiepark Slagharen BV, Slagharen Crew BV, Centaur Nederland 2 BV and Centaur Nederland 3 BV at Zwarte Dijk 37, 7776PB, Slagharen, (Netherlands).

In the United States:

Centaur Holdings II United States, Inc, Centaur Holdings United States, Inc, Palace Entertainment Holdings, LLC, Festival Fun Parks, LLC, Splish Splash Beverage, LLC, Wonderland Hotel LLC, Wonderland Realty LLC (all with registered offices at 4800 Kennywood Boulevard, West Mifflin, PA 15122, United States), and DD Pacific Investors, LLC, DD Parks, LLC, SLP Services, LLC, Oahu Entertainment Parks, LP, Attractions Hawaii, LP (all with registered offices at 41-202 Kalanianaole Highway #7, Waimanalo, Hawaii, 96795, United States),

In Australia:

Raging Waters Sydney Pty Ltd, registered office at 425 Reservoir Road, Prospect New South Wales 2148, Australia.


PARQUES REUNIDOS does not grant any guarantee nor is it responsible, in any case, for damages of any nature that may derive from the access or use of the contents of the Portal, with the exception that such damages may be attributable to a fraudulent act of this company. The User acknowledges and accepts that the use of the Portal, as well as the provision of the services offered therein, is carried out at the User's entire risk and responsibility. PARQUES REUNIDOS shall not be liable for any damages that may be derived from, by way of example but not limited to, the following events:

  • Inferences,¬†omissions,¬†interruptions,¬†computer¬†viruses,¬†breakdowns¬†and/or¬†disconnections¬†in¬†the¬†operational¬†functioning¬†of¬†this¬†electronic¬†system¬†or¬†in¬†the¬†devices¬†and¬†computer¬†equipment¬†of¬†the¬†Users,¬†caused¬†by¬†reasons¬†beyond¬†the¬†control¬†of¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS,¬†which¬†prevent¬†or¬†delay¬†the¬†provision¬†of¬†services¬†or¬†navigation¬†through¬†the¬†Portal.¬†

  • Delays¬†or¬†blockages¬†in¬†the¬†use¬†of¬†the¬†Portal¬†caused¬†by¬†deficiencies¬†or¬†overloading¬†of¬†the¬†Internet¬†or¬†other¬†electronic¬†systems.

  • Damages¬†that¬†may¬†be¬†caused¬†by¬†third¬†parties¬†through¬†illegitimate¬†intromissions¬†beyond¬†the¬†control and¬†that¬†are¬†not¬†attributable¬†to¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS.

  • The¬†impossibility¬†of¬†providing¬†the¬†service¬†or¬†allowing¬†access¬†to¬†the¬†Portal¬†for¬†reasons¬†not¬†attributable¬†to¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS,¬†to¬†the¬†User,¬†to¬†third¬†parties,¬†or¬†in¬†the¬†event¬†of¬†an¬†act¬†of¬†God¬†or¬†force¬†majeure.

  • Of¬†the¬†information¬†and¬†other¬†contents¬†integrated¬†in¬†spaces¬†or¬†web¬†pages¬†of¬†third¬†parties¬†accessible¬†from¬†its¬†Portal¬†through¬†links,¬†hyperlinks¬†or¬†links,¬†nor¬†of¬†the¬†information¬†and¬†other¬†conditions¬†or¬†contents¬†integrated¬†in¬†spaces¬†or¬†web¬†pages¬†of¬†third¬†parties¬†from¬†which¬†the¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS¬†Portal¬†is¬†accessed¬†through¬†links,¬†hyperlinks¬†or¬†links,¬†nor¬†of¬†the¬†information¬†and¬†contents¬†of¬†any¬†web page¬†of¬†third¬†parties¬†that¬†is¬†presented¬†under¬†the¬†appearance¬†or¬†distinctive¬†signs¬†of¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS,¬†unless¬†expressly¬†authorized¬†by¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS.

PARQUES REUNIDOS does not control, in general, the use that Users make of the Portal. In particular, PARQUES REUNIDOS does not guarantee under any circumstances that Users use the Portal in accordance with the law, these General Conditions of Use, morality and generally accepted good customs and public order, nor that they do so in a diligent and prudent manner.

PARQUES REUNIDOS does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Portal. Likewise,

PARQUES REUNIDOS does not guarantee the usefulness of the Portal or its contents for the performance of any particular activity or purpose. 

PARQUES REUNIDOS may temporarily suspend, without prior notice, access to the Portal for maintenance, repair, updating or improvement operations. However, whenever circumstances permit, 

PARQUES REUNIDOS shall communicate to the User, with sufficient notice, the date foreseen for the suspension of the services. PARQUES REUNIDOS excludes any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the Portal or the defrauding of the usefulness that the Users may have attributed to the Portal.

PARQUES REUNIDOS guarantees that it has appropriate measures in place and that they comply with the security standards that current technology allows, such as the "Verisign" system. Access to transactional services and those that include the capture of personal data is done in a secure environment using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with high security encryption of 128 bits. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted. This ensures that the content transmitted is only intelligible to the "client" computer and the PARQUES REUNIDOS server. The User can verify that it is within a secure environment if a closed padlock appears in the status bar of your browser. The security guarantee of the PARQUES REUNIDOS servers is supported by a certificate issued by the company VeriSign. This certificate guarantees that the User is communicating his data to a server of PARQUES REUNIDOS and not to a third party trying to impersonate it.

PARQUES REUNIDOS, in its commitment to fraud prevention, will collaborate both with the payment platforms used for the purchase of products through the Portal, as well as with the competent authorities, providing the information of any transaction that may be necessary, always in compliance with the legal requirements in force.


In general, the User agrees to comply with these General Conditions of Use of the Portal, as well as to comply with the special warnings or instructions for use contained in the Portal and always act in accordance with the law, good customs and the requirements of good faith, using the diligence appropriate to the nature of the service he/she enjoys, refraining from using the Portal in any way that may impede, damage or deteriorate the normal operation of the same, the property or rights of PARQUES REUNIDOS, the PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, the rest of the Users or, in general, of any third party. 

Specifically, and without this implying any restriction to the obligation assumed by the User in general and in accordance with the previous section, the User undertakes, in the use of the Portal and, where appropriate, in the use of the online shopping tool included therein, including but not limited to: 

  • To¬†provide¬†truthfully¬†the¬†personal data and¬†information¬†requested.¬†

  • Not¬†to¬†introduce, store¬†or¬†disseminate¬†in¬†or¬†from¬†the¬†Portal,¬†any¬†information¬†or¬†material¬†that¬†is¬†defamatory,¬†libelous,¬†obscene,¬†threatening,¬†xenophobic,¬†that¬†incites¬†violence¬†or¬†discrimination¬†based¬†on¬†race, sex,¬†ideology,¬†religion¬†or¬†that¬†in¬†any¬†way¬†undermines¬†morality,¬†public¬†order, fundamental¬†rights,¬†public¬†freedoms, honor,¬†privacy¬†or¬†image¬†of¬†third¬†parties,¬†intellectual¬†property¬†rights, industrial¬†or¬†business¬†secrets¬†of¬†or¬†"know¬†how"¬†of¬†third¬†parties,¬†or¬†in general¬†any¬†content¬†of¬†which¬†it¬†does¬†not¬†hold, in¬†accordance¬†with¬†the¬†law,¬†the¬†intellectual¬†property¬†rights, industrial¬†or¬†business¬†secrets¬†of¬†or¬†"know¬†how"¬†of¬†third¬†parties, honor,¬†privacy¬†or¬†the¬†image¬†of¬†third¬†parties,¬†intellectual¬†or¬†industrial¬†property¬†rights¬†or¬†business¬†secrets¬†or¬†know-how¬†of¬†third¬†parties,¬†nor¬†in general¬†any¬†content¬†of¬†which¬†it¬†does¬†not¬†hold, in¬†accordance¬†with¬†the¬†law,¬†the¬†right¬†to¬†make¬†it¬†available¬†to¬†a¬†third¬†party, and in general¬†that¬†in¬†any¬†way¬†violates¬†current¬†regulations.¬†

  • Not¬†to¬†introduce, store¬†or¬†disseminate¬†through¬†the¬†Portal¬†any¬†computer¬†program, data, virus,¬†code, hardware¬†or¬†telecommunications¬†equipment¬†or¬†any¬†other¬†electronic¬†or¬†physical¬†instrument¬†or¬†device¬†that¬†is¬†likely¬†to¬†cause¬†damage¬†to¬†the¬†Portal,¬†any¬†of¬†the¬†services,¬†or¬†any¬†of¬†the¬†equipment,¬†systems¬†or¬†networks¬†of¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS,¬†the¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP,¬†any¬†User,¬†or¬†in general¬†of¬†any¬†third¬†party,¬†or¬†that¬†in¬†any¬†other¬†way¬†is¬†capable¬†of¬†causing¬†them¬†any¬†type¬†of¬†alteration¬†or¬†prevent¬†the¬†normal¬†operation¬†of¬†the¬†same.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

  • Not¬†to¬†carry¬†out¬†advertising,¬†promotional¬†or¬†commercial¬†exploitation¬†activities¬†through¬†the¬†Portal,¬†nor¬†to¬†use¬†the¬†contents¬†and, in particular,¬†the¬†information¬†obtained¬†through¬†the¬†Portal¬†to¬†send¬†advertising,¬†send¬†messages¬†for¬†direct¬†sales¬†purposes¬†or¬†for¬†any¬†other¬†commercial¬†purpose,¬†nor¬†to¬†collect¬†or¬†store personal data¬†of¬†third¬†parties.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

  • Not¬†to¬†use false¬†identities,¬†or¬†impersonate¬†the¬†identity¬†of¬†others¬†in¬†the¬†use¬†of¬†the¬†Portal¬†or¬†in¬†the¬†use¬†of¬†any¬†of¬†the¬†Portal's¬†purchase¬†services,¬†including¬†the¬†use¬†of¬†payment¬†methods,¬†passwords¬†or¬†access¬†codes¬†of¬†third¬†parties¬†or¬†in¬†any¬†other¬†way.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

  • Not¬†to¬†destroy, alter, use¬†for¬†use, render¬†useless¬†or¬†damage¬†the¬†data,¬†information,¬†programs¬†or¬†electronic¬†documents¬†of¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS,¬†the¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP¬†or¬†third¬†parties.¬†

  • It¬†is¬†forbidden,¬†except¬†when¬†expressly¬†authorized¬†by¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS,¬†to¬†establish¬†links¬†or¬†hyperlinks¬†from¬†portals¬†or¬†websites¬†of¬†third¬†parties¬†to¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS¬†web¬†pages¬†other¬†than¬†the¬†main¬†page¬†of¬†its¬†portal, as¬†well¬†as¬†to¬†present¬†PARQUES REUNIDOS¬†Portal,¬†or¬†the¬†information¬†contained¬†therein¬†under¬†frames¬†or¬†frames,¬†distinctive¬†signs,¬†trademarks¬†or¬†trade¬†names¬†of¬†another¬†person,¬†company¬†or¬†entity.¬†

  • It¬†is¬†forbidden¬†to¬†use¬†or¬†reuse¬†the¬†Portal¬†for¬†fraudulent¬†purposes¬†or¬†purposes¬†related¬†to¬†criminal¬†offenses¬†or¬†illicit¬†activities¬†of¬†any¬†kind.¬†


All the means and technical requirements needed to access the Portal and the products or services offered therein shall be the exclusive responsibility of the User, as well as any expenses or taxes to which the referred provision of services or acquisition of products may give rise.

Once accessed, and in order to proceed to the use of the different services, the User must follow all the indications and instructions shown on the screen, filling in the information required by the forms set in the Portal, which will imply the previous reading, understanding and acceptance of all the General and Particular Contracting Conditions set in the Portal.

PARQUES REUNIDOS reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its Portal and/or the services or products offered without prior notice, to those Users who do not comply with these General Conditions of Use and/or the law, as well as, if applicable, to withdraw all those contents, comments and/or contributions of the User that are contrary to these General Conditions and/or the law.


PARQUES REUNIDOS fully complies with the current legislation on personal data protection and with the confidentiality commitments inherent to its activity.

We make available to the User the relevant information on data protection in our Privacy Policy, accessible through the following link.


This Legal Notice is governed in each and every one of its ends by Spanish law.