Know Before You Go

Find answers to some frequently asked questions that will help you make the most of your day.

COVID-19 health and safety policies

Please read our Park Rules & Policies for more information.

Kennywood does not use peanut oil for the cooking/frying of any food products. We do use peanuts for toppings for ice cream, in Dippin’ Dots and have peanuts at the candy store. If you have specific questions about our food options, please stop by the Service Center and ask to speak to a Food & Beverage Manager. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

All Guests, Team Members and Management must pass through metal detectors at the entrance gate, and all bags, purses and coolers are subject to search. Please visit our COVID-19 health and safety page for detailed information about specific procedures for Summer 2021.

Have a question about how season passes and All Season Dining Pass work? Check Out Our Season Pass FAQ Section. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us.

Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express at the Main Entrance Ticket Booths for park tickets and Season Passes, and the gift shops. You can use credit cards at major food locations & rental facilities. Kenny Kash can be used at select locations throughout the park for food and beverage purchases, games, and retail store items.

Guests aged 17 years and under must be accompanied by an adult chaperone beginning at 4:00 p.m.

An adult chaperone is a parent, guardian, or other supervising adult at least 21 years of age. Adult chaperones must be able to provide valid ID, including a photograph and date of birth.

Each adult chaperone must be present at the time of entry and remain within the park for the duration of their party’s visit.

Minors visiting prior to 4 p.m. may enter without an adult chaperone. Kennywood expects that minors entering without a chaperone will be joined by one at 4 p.m. If Guests aged 17 and under enter prior to 4 p.m., then leave and request to re-enter the park, at 4 p.m. or later, they must be accompanied by an adult chaperone.

During seasonal events like Phantom Fright Nights and Holiday Lights, adult chaperones are required during the entire event. Guests who cannot provide identification proving they are at least 18 years of age, or without an adult chaperone age 21 or older, will be refused entry.

This policy is subject to change at Kennywood’s discretion.


Policy updated November 11, 2020

Kennywood has detailed safety measures in place in the event of inclement weather. Safety is our top priority in everything we do, and so rides and attractions can and do close if the weather conditions become poor. While most rides can operate even in a steady rain, rides will close when lightning is in the vicinity of the park. Sometimes it can look beautiful here, but if there are lightning strikes being tracked nearby, large rides such as our roller coasters may close until the weather cell has moved out of range. Please know we will open attractions as quickly as possible, but will not compromise on the safety of our Guests and Team Members. High winds and low temperatures can also lead to rides closing for part or all of the day.

We believe that any day is a great day to come to Kennywood! However, the lightest crowds tend to be on Sundays in May, Memorial Day, and weekdays in late June and all of July. Days that the weather forecast calls for some rain can be the best days to visit. The rain scares away those looking for "picture perfect" conditions, opening the doors for those who can have fun in spite of a few raindrops. Given the fickle weather we have in Pittsburgh, it may not even rain at all that day! Also, be sure to check our special events!

Diaper changing stations are located in all restrooms except those at the Gran Prix due to space limitations. Those in need of a changing table for larger children or adults can visit the family restroom located next to Steelers Country, by the Star Refreshment Stand.

Located inside the Penny Arcade near the Jack Rabbit roller coaster.

At the main entrance, you can rent wheelchairs, electric scooters, strollers and wagons. A limited supply of these items are available for online advance rentals. Please note, advance rentals are nonrefundable.

Kennywood is a family park, and as such does not permit any overtly offensive behavior, language, or clothing. This includes, but is not limited to, profanity, violence, hateful messages, pornography, vulgarity, illegal acts, and/or divisive political messages.

Shoes, shirts, and pants or shorts are required in all parts of Kennywood. Bikini tops and sports bras are not appropriate shirts for the duration of a Kennywood visit. Bikini bottoms are also not appropriate attire for Kennywood. If your family plans to ride the water rides, you may want to bring an extra set of clothes, because the water rides WILL get you WET! Guests can also find People Drying stations outside the Raging Rapids and Pittsburg Plunge, which will warm and dry riders for approximately 3 minutes for a $5 fee.

Facial coverings are required for all Guests age two and older. Please visit our Health and Safety Page for detailed information on what to know before visiting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting with the 2021 Season, Guests age 17 and younger must be accompanied by an adult chaperone beginning at 4 p.m. daily. Learn more about our adult chaperone policy.

We recommend comfortable, closed-toe shoes and appropriate clothing to keep you warm/cool as temperatures change throughout the day. Lockers are available above the Kandy Kaleidoscope store as you enter the park. The Lockers are $16 for a daylong rental, with $10 being refunded upon return of locker key. The Lockers are unlimited entry for the day.

Kennywood is a limited smoking facility for cigarettes and other tobacco products, as well as electronic ( e-cigarettes) and other electronic smoking devices. Smoking is not permitted on park midways, eating areas, in ride queue lines, or inside any building, restaurant or restroom. For the convenience of Guests who smoke, smoking is permitted in the following areas only:

  • Exit Ramp - Behind Wheelchair Rental Building
  • Near Phantom’s Revenge Entrance Area
  • Lost Kennywood Restroom Area
  • Thunderbolt Restroom Area

Signs and cigarette receptacles identify these areas. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please visit our Directions page for directions to our park from all different areas. Also visit our Hotels and Lodging page for great hotel packages in the area that include our Kennywood FunDay passes. These packages also have options to add our Sandcastle Water Park for 2 full days of fun in the Pittsburgh Area.

If you arrive early, we suggest that you start with the rides and attractions in the back of our park and work your way to the front. Also, water ride lines tend to be shorter early in the day and late in the evening. Kennywood does have a Rider Swap program for families that cannot all make the height requirements for certain rides. Stop at the Guest Service Center behind Noah's Ark for more information.

Kennywood provides an informational guide for Guests with disabilities. The guide is also available at the Service Center located by Noah's Ark. This guide offers information to help those with disabilities make the most of their visit to Kennywood by rating each ride's intensity. If you have any questions, please stop at the Service Center.

NEW FOR 2021: In order to best serve our Guests, we are excited to announce an update to our Ride Admission Policy. We are adjusting the wait time procedure. Instead of receiving a time to return to be able to ride, you will be able to ride upon your initial arrival to the attraction. After you ride, you will get a time comparable to the wait time in the regular queue that you must wait before riding any other attraction listed as needing a virtual queue time (Black Widow, Exterminator, Jack Rabbit, Old Mill, Phantom's Revenge, Racer, Sky Rocket, Steel Curtain, Thunderbolt). You are able to enjoy any of our other rides and attractions during your wait. Guests utilizing the Ride Admission Program may bring one (1) Guest for their convenience. Please visit the Service Center for any questions.

2021 Guests With Disabilities Guide

Those in need of a changing table for larger children or adults can visit the family restroom located next to Steelers Country, by the Star Refreshment Stand.

Kennywood offers a number of amenities for our Guests on the autism spectrum and their families. Please visit our Autism Center page to learn more.

Sensory Guide

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Kennywood will provide ASL interpreters for patrons that are hearing impaired. Those in need of an interpreter are requested to give Kennywood at least two weeks’ notice in advance of a planned visit to the park.

Discuss ahead of time what to do if someone gets separated from your group. The Service Center, located near the Slush Factory at the entrance to Lost Kennywood, or the entrance to Kiddieland are great meeting places. Take note as to what your children are wearing in case you need to describe them to a Kennywood Public Safety Officer. Lost children should be told to ask for assistance from a Kennywood Uniformed Employee. When our Team Members find a lost child, that child is taken to the Service Center.

Our Kiddieland area provides parents with a quiet area to feed and nurse young children. The rest room also includes a diaper changing station. Family restrooms are available near the Aero 360 and Kiddieland. Children age 3 and under get into Kennywood free of charge and do not need a FunDay Ticket or a Season Pass.

Unless authorized in advance by Kennywood, all forms of solicitation are prohibited on all park grounds, to include inside Kennywood, at/near entrance gates, and in the parking lot. Park restrictions on solicitation include but are not limited to: panhandling, ticket reselling, ticket scalping, and product sales (such as food and water). Violation of this policy can lead to ejection from the park and/or loss of season pass.

ATM Banking Machines are located at the Front Gate, Kandy Kaleidoscope, Parkside Café, & Lost Kennywood gift shop. Major Credit Cards are now accepted at most food outlets, for admission, in our Gift Shops and at Customer Service.

We welcome you to bring your own strollers, wheelchairs and wagons into the park. Picnic baskets are welcome too; however, the meal must be only for your immediate family. Group picnics and catered events must be coordinated through our Group Sales Office. Note: In 2021 we are NOT able to allow courtesy picnic basket drop off at the Pavilion entrance (Gate 2) to comply with COVID-19 policies and procedures.

Alcoholic beverages, firearms, glass bottles and pets are not permitted on park grounds. Overtly offensive clothing such as, but not limited to, clothing with hateful messages, pornography, vulgarity, illegal acts, and /or divisive political messages. Also Note: Tobacco is not sold in the park.

Guests are not permitted to take GoPro cameras on any rides for safety reasons. Point-of-view (POV) GoPro footage from Kennywood rides can be found on the Kennywood YouTube page. Members of the media should contact Kennywood’s Public Relations department regarding on-ride footage.

A list of Bring a Friend Days can be found on the Passholder Perks page. The Bring a Friend Days schedule is updated periodically throughout the year, so be sure to check back regularly.

If you have lost a personal item during your visit to the park, please visit our Guest Service Center located behind the Noah’s Ark to report the issue. If you are returning to the park for your item on a later date, or calling about the item after your visit, the Lost and Found opens at 11am with the park, and can be reached at (412)461-0500 ext. 1107. NOTE: If your item is lost during the operation of a ride, the ride will not be shut down during operating hours for item retrieval. You must report the issue to the Guest Service Center, and call to check the status of your item the next day.

Make everyone in your group aware of the location of your vehicle in our large parking lot. If you all discuss it, chances are one of you will remember! Parking lot security will be available if assistance is needed.