The Exterminator

Dark Ride or Roller Coaster? It's both!

Dark Ride or Roller Coaster? It's both! The Exterminator is a high-speed roller coaster in the dark! But that's not the only twist, the individual cars spin as they travel the twisting, turning track.

Minimum Height 46"
Thrill Level  4 
VIP Tours

Riders must be at least 46 inches tall to ride. Riders between 46” and 59” must ride with a responsible person.

Construction Information

Coaster Designer/Manufacturer: Reverchon Industries
Original Year Erected: 1999
Year Erected at Kennywood: 1999
Classification: Spinning Wild Mouse
General Description/Category: Indoor/Dark Ride

Dimensional Statistics

Tallest Vertical Height - 50 feet
Maximum Drop - 50 feet
Maximum Speed - 29 mph
Linear Length of Track - 1,400 feet
Ride Duration - 2 min., 30 sec.

Train Information

Train Manufacturer - Reverchon Industries
Number of Trains - 7
Number of Seats per Car - 4

Operation Information

Capacity per Hour: 900 pph