Conquer one of America's greatest classic wooden rollercoasters.
Type of attraction
 Roller coaster
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 52''
You must have a partner to ride.
Accessible for people with disabilities
Summer Phantom Fall Fest
55 mph
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Dubbed "King of the Coasters" by the New York Times in 1974

Step back in time on the Thunderbolt

Are you a fan of classic coasters? You will not be disappointed with the iconic Thunderbolt! Jump into a 1950s- era Century Flyer train and experience what a world-class coaster is all about – a ride full of surprises! As soon as you leave the station, you'll immediately plunge deep into a ravine. Catch your breath fast, because the Thunderbolt saves the largest drops for the end of the ride. With a maximum drop of 90 feet and reaching 55 miles per hour, thrills are guaranteed.

Designed by master coaster builder John Miller, the original ride opened in 1924 as the Pippin and was one of the first rollercoasters at Kennywood. The ride was reimagined into the Thunderbolt in 1968. At that time, the Pippin was extended by adding a thrilling bowl section in the middle, while keeping the fan-favorite drops into the ravine. Several generations have grown up with Thunderbolt as an icon of fun and one of the best wooden rollercoasters in the country. Dubbed the Ultimate Roller Coaster and King of the Coasters by the New York Times in 1974, it remains near the top of everyone’s “top wooden coasters” list. It also received the honor of being named a Landmark Ride by the American Coaster Enthusiasts, along with Jack Rabbit and Racer.

You can find this legendary rollercoaster in the Kennyville section of the park, next door to the iconic Turtle and Raging Rapids – a “get you wet” white-water rafting ride. While in the area, don’t miss your chance to try our signature fries from The Potato Patch and watch as Thunderbolt riders speed by. 

Riders must be at least 52” and have a partner to ride.

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Unlimited Visits. Unlimited Fun!