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Night rides are here! Visit us daily until 10PM to show us you LOVE Kennywood in the dark. 🌙 Park Hours

Speedy Pass

Speedy Pass allows you to...

  • Make virtual reservations for attractions on your phone
  • Reduce your wait times by up to 90%
  • Explore the park and experience other attractions while waiting for your reservation



Phantom's Revenge




Speedy Pass

Speedy Pass

Elite Speedy Pass is the best way to enjoy your day at the park! Reduce your virtual wait time at popular attractions by up to 90%.

Reduce Wait by 90%
Prices as low as


Speedy Pass

Speedy Pass

Premium Speedy Pass will reduce the virtual wait time at rides by up to 50%. Explore the park and experience other attractions while you wait!

Reduce Wait by 50%
Prices as low as


Speedy Pass

Speedy Pass

Standard Speedy Pass allows you to make the most of your day by making virtual reservations for rides while you explore the park and experience other attractions.

Wait Virtually
Prices as low as


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  • What is Speedy Pass?

    Speedy Pass is a virtual queue that helps you spend less time in line and get more fun out of your day! Use your mobile device to choose one of our Speedy Pass options based on how much time you want to save. All day long, Speedy Pass will tell you when to arrive at your chosen rides to minimize your wait. 

  • What attractions are included with Speedy Pass?

    Use Speedy Pass to at the following attractions:
    • Aero 360
    • Black Widow
    • Exterminator
    • Jack Rabbit
    • Kangaroo
    • Old Mill
    • Phantom's Revenge
    • Racer
    • Sky Rocket
    • Spinvasion 
    • SwingShot
    • Thunderbolt
    • Turtle


Limited quantities available. Pricing and ride availability are dependent on weather and subject to change. A smartphone with stable internet connection is required to use this product. Admission to Kennywood is not included.