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Phantom Fall Fest

Returning in 2023

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Play All Day, Fright All Night

There's so much to do at Phantom Fall Fest! Kennywood's signature spooky-season event lets you do Halloween your way depending on the time of day. Come early for family-friendly fun, including festive food and a unique autumn atmosphere. PLUS enjoy your favorite coasters and rides during the day! Then, when the sun goes down, the Phantom takes screams to the extreme with seven haunted houses and four scare zones.

Half Fun, Half Frights

Phantom Fall Fest lets guests do Halloween their way: come early for family-friendly fun, including festive food and special autumn decorations. More rides and coasters will be open for this year’s fall event than ever before, along with Kiddieland, Thomas Town™ and other family favorites available during the day.

At 6 p.m. the fear kicks in gear! When the sun goes down, the Phantom takes screams to the extreme with seven haunted houses, four scare zones and hair-raising thrills throughout the park. If you’re up for full-on frights, then Kennywood after dark is your scream come true.

Fun for the Little Ones

During the day, the Phantom and his fearsome friends will stay away. Kiddieland and Thomas Town™ will be open for the smallest ghouls, along with other signature family rides for pint-sized thrill seekers. Plus, don't miss Kenny's Spooky Sock Hop on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. at the Kennyville Stage!

Specialty Treats

Phantom Fall Fest introduces a special, all-new fall menu! Guests can enjoy loaded corn dogs, pumpkin funnel cakes, seasonal beer, specialty cocktails, and a host of other new tasty treats around the park.


2022 Event Information

mALICE in Wonderland


mALICE in Wonderland

We’re all mad here! mALICE in Wonderland is an all-new experience coming to Phantom Fall Fest . This choose-your-own-adventure maze will take you down one of two terrifying rabbit holes, where the evil inhabitants of Wonderland will greet you. But beware of the Red Queen and her subjects – rumor has it they want you as their next victim…

This haunt requires an additional ticket for entry.



Ark in the Dark

Are you brave enough to take on Ark in the Dark? Two-by-two, we challenge you to navigate Noah's Ark - with a dark twist. It's LIGHTS OUT! You and your partner will receive only a flashlight to find your way. Beware, you never know what creatures await in the shadows.

This haunt requires an additional ticket for entry.



Villa of the Vampire

Long ago, an old and powerful vampire known as The Master came to Kennywood. Brick by brick, he built his Villa to house his children of the night. Over the years, The Master has opened up the Villa to many guests. Some have joined him, building the vampire pack stronger, while the rest have served to feed his bloodthirsty group. Will you be The Master’s next snack?



Kennyville Cemetery

Welcome to the most haunted grounds in Kennywood! At Kennyville Cemetery, the dead are rising from their graves with an unnatural hunger. These zombies are seeking fresh humans to feed on, so be sure to stay on the path and obey the rules — or you might just be their next meal.

Dark Shadows


Dark Shadows

The Shadows are everywhere. As you make your way through the pitch-black setting, you will encounter the shadows of the night. The shadows play games with your mind, lurking around every twist and turn. Don’t let them get the best of you.

Voodoo  Bayou


Voodoo Bayou

Join Swamp Canoe and Raft Excursions — S.C.A.R.E. — for an exciting excursion through the bayou! You’re not entering just any typical swampland, though — you’re entering a world filled with creatures and voodoo priestesses who conjure up the dead to prey on the living. Whatever you may fear, those who possess the power of voodoo will be sure those fears are unleashed to find you.

Halloween  shows


Shady Grove

Shady Grove Memorial Hospital has fallen on hard times, with rumors of an evil doctor running free, looking for specimens for his collection. We need your help to discover who is causing the chaos within this former place of healing. If you choose to take on the challenge, remember that your eyes are the window to your soul.

  • What is Phantom Fall Fest?

    Phantom Fall Fest is Kennywood’s all-day Halloween event for everyone! It features over 30 rides and attractions, specialty food & drink options, and bone-chilling haunts and scare zones after dark.

  • When is Phantom Fall Fest?

    Phantom Fall Fest operates every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 24 – October 30. The park will be open from 6 – 11 p.m. on Fridays, 12 – 11 p.m. on Saturdays and 12 – 10 p.m. on Sundays. 

    Select Passholders are invited to attend our first-ever Season Passholder Phantom Fall Fest preview night on Friday, September 23 from 6 - 11 p.m. Eligible Passholders: 2022 Gold, 2022 Platinum, 2023 Gold, 2023 Platinum

    Kennywood’s Chaperone Policy is in effect at all times during Phantom Fall Fest.

  • What does a Phantom Fall Fest ticket include?

    A Phantom Fall Fest ticket includes all-day park access! Play all day on family-friendly rides and enjoy new dining experiences, then fright all night with seven haunts, four scare zones and your favorite thrill rides in the dark! It’s a can’t-miss event for the whole family.

  • Can I visit Phantom Fall Fest with my Season Pass?

    The following Season Passholders receive unlimited admission to Phantom Fall Fest in 2022:

    • 2023 Gold (2022 + 2023 Admission)
    • 2023 Platinum (2022 + 2023 Admission)
    • 2022 Gold
    • 2022 Platinum
  • Where are the haunts and scare zones?


    • NEW: mALICE in Wonderland: near Steel Curtain
    • Ark in the Dark: in Noah's Ark
    • Villa of the Vampire: in the Penny Aracde
    • Kennyville Cemetery: next to the Kandy Kaliedoscope
    • Voodoo Bayou: in the Raging Rapids
    • Dark Shadows: behind Kiddieland
    • Shady Grove: behind Kiddieland


    Scare Zones:

    • Fear Fest: Kangaroo area
    • Hellbilly Hollow: Lost Kennywood, between the SwingShot and Exterminator
    • The Welcoming: Inside the Tunnel
    • NEW: Red Light District: between Noah's Ark and the Mushroom fountain


    Note: The indoor haunts and scare zones open at approximately 6:00 p.m., while the outdoor haunts open at dusk.

  • What rides are open during Phantom Fall Fest?

    The following rides are scheduled to operate during all 2022 Phantom Fall Fest operating hours:

    • Steel Curtain
    • Phantom's Revenge
    • Black Widow
    • Cosmic Chaos
    • Exterminator (Lights Out!)
    • Ghostwood Estate*
    • Gran Prix
    • Jack Rabbit
    • Kangaroo
    • Musik Express
    • Pirate
    • Sky Rocket*
    • SwingShot*
    • Thunderbolt
    • Turtle*


    Additionally, the following rides are scheduled to operate on Saturdays and Sundays until 6:00 p.m.:

    • Auto Race
    • Merry-Go-Round
    • Old Mill
    • Whip
    • Thomas Town (all rides)
    • Up to 10 Kiddieland Rides


    Ride availability subject to change without notice.

    * = Ride unavailable on Fridays.


    2022 Phantom Fall Fest Height Requirements

  • Will Speedy Pass be available during Phantom Fall Fest?

    Yes! Speedy Pass is available during Phantom Fall Fest 2022. View Packages and Buy Now

  • Can I leave the park and re-enter the same day? (Re-entry Policy)

    Guests may leave the park and re-enter the park prior to 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Re-entry is not permitted after 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays or any time on Fridays.

  • Can I bring bags and/or outside food and drink into the park?

    No, outside food and drink can NOT be brought into the park during Phantom Fall Fest. All bags larger than the dimensions of 8" x 5" x 2" are prohibited, with the exception of medical and diaper bags. Guests with special dietary needs are exempted from the outside food and drink policy. All Guests may bring in one sealed bottle of water. Empty Souvenir Cups are allowed. All items are subject to search upon entry.

  • Can I bring my group to Phantom Fall Fest?

    Yes! Discounts are available during Phantom Fall Fest for groups of 10 or more. Learn More

  • Are costumes allowed?

    Children age 12 and under are welcome to wear costumes into the park for the duration of Phantom Fall Fest. Some costumes may not be permitted on select rides for safety purposes. Guests over the age of 12 are not permitted to wear costumes during Phantom Fall Fest.

    NOTE: masks covering some or all of an individual's face are not permitted to be worn by any Guest after 6:00 p.m. The only exceptions are surgical or N95/KN95 masks used as a precaution for COVID-19. These masks must be free from all markings, fake blood, etc.

  • What is there to eat/drink during Phantom Fall Fest?

    We have a number of food and drink specials exclusively available during Phantom Fall Fest! And don't worry - you can still find Potato Patch fries and all your classic favorites.

    2022 Phantom Fall Fest Dining Specials

    • Loaded corn dogs - topped with chili, cheese and jalapenos. Available at the Midway Refreshment Stand.
    • Smothered chicken breast dinner - served with red mashed potatoes, vegetables and a fresh roll. Available at the Parkside Cafe.
    • Loaded baked potato and brocoli and cheese soups - perfect for a cool autumn afternoon. Available at the Parkside Cafe.
    • Pumpkin funnel cakes - served with warm apple topping. Available at the Star Refreshment Stand.
    • Scary ice cream cone. Available at the Pagoda.
    • Specialty alcoholic beverages. Available at the Beer Garden and Punts.
    • Hot drinks - hot chocolate, hot apple cider and coffee. Available near Steelers Country.
    • Specialty sweet treats. Available at the Kandy Kaliedoscope and Parkside Cafe.
  • I want to be a scare actor. Are you hiring?

    The Phantom's scare roster is full for 2022! Check out what other positions are available at the park.

  • What is Kennywood's Adult Chaperone Policy during Phantom Fall Fest?

    All Guests age 17 and under must have an adult chaperone at least 21 years of age (with valid ID) to enter the park at all times during Phantom Fall Fest, no exceptions. The adult chaperone must remain in the park at all times, or the minors will face immediate ejection from the park. Chaperones with more than four (4) minors must register their group at the Main Gate.  Guests who cannot provide identification proving they are at least 18 years of age, or without an adult chaperone age 21 or older, will be refused entry. This policy is subject to change at Kennywood’s discretion.