The Phantom's Revenge will be open with one-train operation for Phantom Fright Nights this weekend.

A whole new level of terror!

PLUS Sunday, October 11 - 6:00pm to 11:00pm


Like the undead crawling out of their graves, Phantom Fright Nights is back at Kennywood. Come experience the most intense spectacles of sheer terror – BioFear, Voodoo Bayou, Mortem Manor, Villa of the Vampires, and others too horrific to mention.

  • • Friday the 13th 4-D
  • • Ark in the Dark returns for its first full season!
  • • New rooms in Mortem Manor
  • • New layout at Voodoo Bayou!
  • • Dark Shadows will feature a new room
  • • New props in Gory Park & Villa of the Vampires
  • • And more!

Lords of Salem Saturday Oct. 10th from 8-9:30pm.
Rob Zombie Tribute Band will be performing at the Garden Stage!

  • Haunt & Ride Lineup
  • Tickets, Passes & Pre-Scare Dinners
  • Tours
  • FAQ & Tips

Haunt Line Up

Friday the 13th 4-D
Terror goes to a new dimension in Friday the 13th™ 4-D! JASON VOORHEES™ attacks anyone who enters the grounds of CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE and with every twist and turn, heightened by hair-raising 3-D and startling special effects, this creepy 4-D experience delivers heart-stopping action.
Warning: Friday the 13th™ 4-D contains graphic, violent content and is not recommended for those under the age of 13

Haunted Ark
Captain Skully and his crew of swashbucklers where some of the fiercest pirates of the Three Rivers. The Captain made a deal with the Kennywood Phantom: he would protect the pirate crew’s stolen treasures. But, in turn the Phantom would own their souls for eternity. Each October, Capt. Skully and his crew, reappear on the ground where their treasure is located to protect it from those who enter their ship.
Haunt closes at 11 pm.
Kennywood location: Noah’s Ark

New In 2015 Ark in the Dark
– From 11pm to 12am, Captain Skully’s Ark is turned into a one of a kind experience. Enter the Ark alone or with a friend and make your way through the Ark in complete darkness. Your adrenaline will climb and your senses will be on full alert. Maybe there is something lurking, maybe not. A truly unique experience for any haunted house fan.
add Ark in the Dark is an extra-charge tour nightly with limited availability.

Welcome to Biofear, our top secret government genetics research facility. In a stroke of bad luck, just as you prepare to embark on an exclusive tour of this facility, there is a horrible accident. The entire facility has been put on lock down. Is there enough time for you to escape the facility before the rabid mutants and the infected scientists get the best of you?
Kennywood location: Pavilion 23 (near Log Jammer)

Mortem Manor
Mortem’s Manor, Kennywood’s longest running haunted attraction returns in 2015 for its 14th season. From the moment you enter the Mortem Family estate and are greeted by Dmitri, the family patriarch, to the moment of your exit, you will encounter all that once lived in this giant mansion. They won’t be happy either and will make every attempt to make you a part of the Mortem family…forever!
New rooms in Mortem Manor!
Kennywood location: Parkside Cafe

Villa of the Vampire
Many years ago, an old and powerful vampire only known as “The Master” came to Kennywood and brought with him his Villa. Brick by brick it was built to house all his children of the night. Over the years, the Master has opened up his Villa to many guests. Some of these guests joined him building the vampire pack stronger, while the rest have served to feed this bloodthirsty group. Will you be the Master’s next snack?
Kennywood location: Penny Arcade

Voodoo Bayou
As you set off on your boating excursion through the bayou, you’re just not entering any typical swampland. You’re entering a world filled with swamp creatures and voodoo priestesses who conjure up the dead to prey on the living. Whatever you may fear, those who possess the power of voodoo will be sure those fears are unleashed to find you inside the Voodoo Bayou. 
Haunt opens at Dusk.
New in 2015: A whole new terrifying experience and layout in 2015
Kennywood location: Raging Rapids

Dark Shadows
The Shadows are everywhere and I mean everywhere. As your make your way through the darkness of Dark Shadows you will encounter the shadows of the night. The shadows will play games with your mind and will lurk around every twist and turn. Don’t let these shadows get the best of you.
Haunt opens at Dusk.
New In 2015 Dark Shadows will include a new scene—stay tuned!
Kennywood location: Pavilions 15 – 16 (behind Kiddieland)

Fear Fest
Step right up and enter our Festival of Fear. The finest, most demented clowns in the world will be sure to entertain you as you walk through this fun-filled festival. Our clowns just want to have some fun at your expense.
Kennywood location: Kangaroo

Gory Park
A modern day zombie apocalypse has taken over this cityscape park. At Gory Park, everyday park goers and public works employees have been turned into rabid zombies looking for their next victim. They will welcome you into their domain with only one thing on their minds…eating your brain!
Kennywood location: Lost Kennywood

Death Valley
Go back in time with a trip to Death Valley. Hop on board the ghost train for your chance to mine for gold, or stop in town and visit some of the original inhabitants. They may have died a century ago, but their spirits never stopped guarding their town—for eternity!
Kennywood location: Ghostwood Estates

Kennywood Cemetery
Welcome to the most hallowed grounds in Kennywood Park. At the Kennywood cemetery lies the remains of some of the most legendary figures of Kennywood’s past. As you walk through this peaceful park treasure be aware that during the month of October these figures awake from their slumber to walk again and they don’t like unwelcome visitors.
Haunt opens at Dusk.
Kennywood location: Near Dancing Waters

Rides & Attractions Open for Phantom Fright Nights

4-D Theater
Showing Friday the 13th 4-D
Aero 360 Bayern Kurve
Black Widow Cosmic Chaos Exterminator
Ghostwood Estates Gran Prix Jack Rabbit
Kangaroo Musik Express Pirate
Racer Sky Rocket Skycoaster
Swing Shot Thunderbolt Phantom’s Revenge
(1-train operation)

Tickets & Dinners


   At the Gate: $32.99* SAVE $5.00     
   Online: $29.99*
   At Giant Eagle: $27.99


College Nights:
½ Price College Nights: October 2, 3, 11, 30, 31 - $16.50*
College Night rate is available at the park only. Guests must present a valid College ID or other proof of attendance at time of purchase to receive the student discount. College Night tickets may not be purchased online.

2016 Season Pass Holder Nights:
½ Price 2016 Season Pass Holder Nights: October 2,3, 11, 30, 31 - $16.50*
2015 Season Pass Holders DO NOT receive the ½ price discount

The Phantom's Fright Pass
Only $49.99*
Includes Unlimited visits to 2015 Phantom Fright Nights and one (1) complimentary RIP haunt tour with purchase of a 2015 Fright Pass.
LIMITED QUANTITIES - Not valid Kennywood summer season or Holiday Lights.


*Plus $1 Amusement Tax and convenience fees

Pre-Scare Dinners

On October 17 & 24, the scares start early. Treat yourself to a meal of burgers, ribs and more before facing the terror of Phantom Fright Nights. After you dine, meet your favorite (or most feared) Fright Nights characters and get an early screening of the new Friday the 13th 4-D Experience movie. Dinner begins at 4 p.m. and continues until Fright Nights begins at 6 p.m. Screenings of Friday the 13th 4-D begin at 5 p.m.

Pre-Scare Dinner costs $42.99 (plus $1.50 online processing fee).

Space is limited! Book now to experience the most intense spectacle of sheer terror!


R.I.P. Haunt & Rides Tours

“Zombie” Haunt Pass
Like the shuffling masses out for brains, the Zombie Haunt Pass allows you to bypass the line once per haunt for the following haunts: Kennyville Cemetery, Haunted Ark, BioFear, Voodoo Bayou. There are no designated times for the use of this pass.
$15. Available online (must be purchased 72 hours in advance) and in-park.

“Undead” Haunt Pass
Rise from the grave and head past the line once per haunt for the following haunts: Mortem Manor, Villa of the Vampire, Dark Shadows, Voodoo Bayou. There are no designated times for the use of this pass.
$15. Available online (must be purchased 72 hours in advance) and in-park.

“Pick Four Gore” Haunt Pass
Choose your terror. Bypass the line once per haunt on four haunts of your choice out of the following: Mortem Manor, Villa of the Vampire, Dark Shadows, Voodoo Bayou, Kennyville Cemetery, Haunted Ark, Biofear. There are no designated times for the use of this pass. Available in-park only.
$20. Available in-park only.

“Ark in the Dark” Haunt Pass*
At 11:00 p.m., Captain Skully and his crew vanish from the Ark to cause terrors on the Three Rivers once more. Brave souls are invited to enter the ark, two-by-two, in total darkness. Will you make it out with your soul?
$15.00 per pass. Available online (must be purchased 72 hours in advance) and in-park.
* Ark in the Dark is an extra-charge tour from 11 p.m. – 12 a.m. nightly with limited availability.

“Scream” Coaster Pass
You’ll scream in fear as you hurtle through the darkness on Kennywood’s coasters, and scream with joy as you bypass the lines for the following rides: Phantom’s Revenge, Thunderbolt, Sky Rocket and Exterminator. There are designated times for riding each coaster, specified on the passes. Start time is 8:00 p.m. Pass does not include front or back seat of the coasters.
$15. Available online (must be purchased 72 hours in advance) and in-park. **Available online soon**

Coasters Gold Pass
A better prize than Captain Skully’s gold treasure. Bypass the line and choose to sit in the front or back seat of the following four coasters: Thunderbolt, Phantom’s Revenge, Sky Rocket, Exterminator. There are designated times for riding each coaster, specified on the passes. Start time is 8:00 p.m.
$20. Available in-park only.

Coaster and Haunt Combo Pass
Bypass the line on any two haunts and forgo the wait in line for Jack Rabbit and Racer. Coasters will have designated ride times, but the haunts will not. Pass not does not include front or back seat of the coasters. Available in-park only.
$20. Available in-park only.


Phantom Fright Nights FAQ

1. How do I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased online, at Giant Eagle, or at the Front Gate.

2. When are you open?
Click here for calendar.

3. What is an RIP ticket/tour?
An RIP ticket offers you front of the line access to a specific haunt or group of haunts on the night of purchase. Each haunt has a special RIP line, please enter and present your pass to the haunt grouping attendant.

4. Are the Haunts opened in the rain?
As long as the park is open, the indoor haunted attractions will stay opened in the rain. However, when conditions warrant our outside attractions may have to temporarily close until the weather improves.

5. Do you sell souvenirs?
Yes! Souvenirs can be found in a number of gift shops and kiosks located throughout the park.

6. Where can I find an ATM?
ATMs are located at the park entrance and at the Kandy Kaleidoscope store located near the tunnel and Sky Rocket.

7. Are the monsters allowed to touch you?
The actors will not touch you at Kennywood; however, they do get very close. Occasionally you may end up brushing up against their costumes or props.

8. Are there any age restrictions?
Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Nights are not recommended for children under 13. If you or someone in your group become too scared to continue, there are many emergency exits throughout each attraction. Please stop an actor and let them know and you will be directed to the exit.

9 Are the haunts at Kennywood accessible to Guests with Disabilities?
Yes they are, but please stop by our Rider’s Safety Center so they can answer your questions and give you more specific information.

10. Is there fog in the haunted houses?
Yes, we use fog liberally in Phantom Fright Nights. If you find the smoke or odors too intense, there are emergency exits throughout each attraction. Please stop an actor and let them know and you will be directed to the exit.

11. Are there strobe lights?
Yes, strobe lights are in operation in some of our haunted attractions.

12. Can we be removed from the park?
Yes. We do not allow line jumping, foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, or drug use. Upon review by our public safety staff if violating these rules you could be subject to ejection from the park.

13. Do you serve alcoholic beverages?
No. Kennywood does not serve alcoholic beverages during Phantom Fright Nights and does not permit them inside the park grounds.

14. Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is allowed only at designated places inside the park and is not permitted in open midways and lines.

15. Is flash photography allowed inside of your haunted attractions?
No photography of any sort is permitted inside the haunts; however, the roving characters and creatures working out in the midways will quite often pose for pictures.

16. What can't we bring with us inside your haunted houses?
No weapons, alcoholic beverages, flashlights, or laser pointers are permitted to be brought into our haunted attractions.

17. Can I be an actor for Phantom Fright Nights?
Yes! You absolutely can – just head over to our employment page and apply for a haunt actor position or a position in one of our other departments. (It's recommended you apply for a haunt position from the middle of August through September)

18. Can I be a volunteer at Phantom Fright Nights?
We do not allow individuals to volunteer but we do allow volunteer groups to sign up to raise money for their event/organization. Please see our volunteer information for more information.

19. Do you have a lost and found?
We do. You can visit our service center located behind the Haunted Ark (Noah’s Ark) and report your lost item all found items are returned to this location.

Not Recommended for children under 13


Please note: Outside costumes, theatrical make-up, and masks are NOT permitted to be worn into the park during Phantom Fright Nights!!! No outside food or beverages are permitted. Heavy fog and strobe effects are in use throughout the park during Phantom Fright Nights.


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