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    Thomas & Friends 75th Anniversary Activities
    Did you know Thomas & Friends® celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2020? Print out and enjoy these Thomas Activity Sheets courtesy of our friends at Mattel!

  • Thomas & Friends - The Royal Engine - Sheet 1
  • Thomas & Friends - The Royal Engine - Sheet 2
  • Thomas & Friends - The Royal Engine - Sheet 3
  • Thomas Birthday Coloring Sheet
  • Steam Team Coloring Sheet
  • A Thomas the Tank Engine® Coloring Sheet.

    360° POVs

    Steel Curtain

    During the two-minute adrenaline rush, riders speed through 4,000 feet of track at 75 miles per hour while navigating 9 inversions – including the world’s tallest at 197 feet above the ground!

    Opened: 2019
    Track Length: 4,000 ft
    Max Height: 220 ft
    Max Speed: 75 mph
    Inversions: 9
    Duration: ~ 2:00

    Watch Video on YouTube >

    Sky Rocket

    Feel the surge of a launch that takes you from zero to 50 mph in under 3 seconds! Sky Rocket provides an upside down, downside up, sky-flying adventure you won’t soon forget.

    Opened: 2010
    Track Length: 2,100 ft
    Max Height: 95 ft
    Max Speed: 50 mph
    Inversions: 3
    Duration: ~ 1:05

    Watch Video on YouTube >

    Phantom's Revenge

    The biggest drop on this ride isn’t the first, but the second – a whopping 230 feet at 85 mph! Phantom riders come frighteningly close to the Thunderbolt while navigating its 3,365 feet of track that’s filled with plenty of banked curves and airtime!

    Opened: 1991 Steel Phantom / 2001 Phantom's Revenge
    Track Length: 3,365 ft
    Max Height: 160 ft
    Max Drop: 232 ft
    Max Speed: 85 mph
    Duration: ~ 2:00

    Watch Video on YouTube >


    Dubbed the Ultimate Roller Coaster and King of Coasters by the New York Times in 1974, the Thunderbolt remains near the top of everyone’s “top coasters” list. It’s unique in many ways… including a plunge immediately upon leaving the station and its biggest drop at the end of the ride.

    Opened: 1924 Pippin / 1968 Thunderbolt
    Track Length: 3,250 ft
    Max Height: 70 ft
    Max Drop: 90 ft
    Max Speed: 55 mph
    Duration: ~ 1:40

    Watch Video on YouTube >


    This beautiful John Miller classic is the only single-continuous track coaster in the U.S. – riders that begin on the right of the station finish on the left. Thus, from the lift hill on, the track remains side-by-side allowing riders to experience a close race throughout.

    Opened: 1927
    Track Length: 4,500 ft
    Max Height: 72 ft
    Max Drop: 50 ft
    Max Speed: 40 mph
    Duration: ~ 1:30

    Watch Video on YouTube >

    Jack Rabbit

    The Jack Rabbit has been a Kennywood favorite for young and old since 1920. Designed and built by John Miller on a natural ravine, the Jack Rabbit is best known for its 70-foot, double-dip drop.

    Opened: 1920
    Track Length: 2,132 ft
    Max Height: 40 ft
    Max Drop: 70 ft
    Max Speed: 45 mph
    Duration: ~ 1:35

    Watch Video on YouTube >